One of Those Days…

Today was one of those days.

One of those absolutely glorious days when my homework is at the bottom of a very large pile of delightful occurrences.

I had a long lunch with a freshman kid from TZ, and his cousin, who had spent a year there. We had a great conversation connecting over Africa- the roads, Kili, dukas, samosas- all that good stuff. I also had a brief conversation in Swahili (!) with another new student from Congo/Uganda. That was too fun.

My library shift today lacked action, but that’s never been an issue for me. My friend, Erica, and I ate chocolate cake left over from our supervisors’ meeting, and entertained ourselves, and the occasional patron by enthusiastically reading aloud from Othello.

In the evening, I acquired a pair of goldfish from a free handout that the crafting club had organized. Earlier, Erin, Holly and I decided that calling our room “the closet” wasn’t very attractive, and so we affectionately dubbed it “the wardrobe” … apparently we live in an enchanting place. In keeping with the Narnia theme, we have pronounced the goldfish “Tumnus,” and “Caspian.”

Bedtime is coming soon, but first homework.  And even homework has been entertaining today. Take these interesting facts from my Communication textbook:

  • English is the only language to capitalize the pronoun, “I.”
  • Women only talk more than men in certain contexts. In fact, in mixed groups, men are more likely to dominate the conversation
  • While we talk at about 125-150 words per minute, most people can think at 3 to 4 times that rate.
  • 2/3 of the meaning we generate is non-verbal
  • Touch is one of the most potent forms of communication, and affects overall well-being. Being deprived of touch adversely affects physical and psychological health.
  • Research suggests that emoticons have become less effective in online communication, because of overuse.
  • 2/3 of about 3 million sensory fibers entering the brain are related to the eyes.

Wow. I love learning.


2 Responses to One of Those Days…

  1. Phil M says:

    I really like your cozy little nook. Lots of fun pics and memories on the wall. And of course, the Kenyan flag! Thanks for posting the picture, it helps me visualize where you are! Umepotea sana!

  2. jm says:

    oh yippee! i am so glad you posted pictures and we can see them! i love your desk and happy wall- i can see the reeses peanut butter cup ad- tee hee. so- you live in a wardrobe- how very enchanting, yes. and I loved what you’re learning in your communication class…. so i guess we will have to figure out ways to enhance our electronic communication, eh??

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