We won our first game! It was great to be on a rugby pitch, watching a game again, and I had the privilege of being a linesman while our vets played. In some ways it reminded me of Kenya, because there were goose droppings all over the field, and they didn’t have uprights, so the other team had to put a set together, and hoist them up and into the ground.

After our vets played, we had a ten minute B side game, where our rookies played their vets as a learning experience. My captain, Sunshine, handed me her jersey and put me in at her position as fullback, #15. I had practiced fullback once at practice, and had scrimmaged once, but a game- even for ten minutes- wow, what an experience!

I kicked off the ball, very badly, but did score a try in those first minutes. It was exhilarating. The other team kicked the ball from inside their 22 metre line, and as it was turning over and over in the air, I could hear Sunshine shouting from the sidelines, “That’s yours, Emily, that’s yours!” I ran under it, and it came right down into my arms. I took off for the try line, breaking through their team, and made it just inside the posts. It was too fun.

Later on, I received the ball in our end of the field, and sprinted nearly the entire field. I made it through their line, but saw their fullback crouching, ready to take me down. I’m not quite sure how it happened, but I sidestepped her, and there was no one left. I made it most of the way, before I was brought down, and popped the ball off to one of my teammates. There was a scrum down, and then the whistle blew, and we were done. I got called a beast. And I think that’s a compliment 🙂

It was only ten minutes, but what an experience! I love those rugby girls! I learned so much, but mostly two things: I need to get in shape, and I have SO much to learn!

What a game, what a game!


One Response to Rugby!

  1. jm says:

    dear beastly girl…. that is SO fun to see you running for the try… it will join the gallery of gory and otherwise pictures from our rugby boys.. and now girl. you being happy makes me happy 🙂

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