Last night, I entrusted my hair into the hands of Holly (roommate), and Liz (friend across the hall).

It was rather nerve wracking, but quite necessary. The last time I had my hair cut was over a year ago, and I knew it was time to loose some inches. The only question was how. Back home, I’d run up the hill and ask Aunt Vicki if she could help, and then I’d show up at her house with a wet head, towel, and brush. It simply wasn’t that complicated.

Honestly, I have no idea how to get a haircut here. I asked around, heard the prices, thought about how on earth I would get into town and where it would happen, and who, and when I could schedule one, and then decided to just ask Holly.

Holly cuts her own hair apparently, which requires a good deal of bravery, I think. She and Liz were more than willing to help.

We spread newspapers out in the hallway, and I sat down on a stool, holding my breath. As Holly picked up the scissors, I remembered Jo’s short short hair in Little Women, and the loss of her “one true beauty.” Then the snipping started. The only part that made me nervous was when Liz asked, “Why are you cutting it like confetti?” Holly answered, “‘Cause that’s how you cut hair, hon.”

Turns out Holly did a fine job. I do have one little curl that’s a bit short and boingy, but the rest of it is trimmed, and light, and so much easier to manage. Hooray for college roommates!


One Response to Haircut!

  1. jm says:

    oh what fun! yes, your one true beauty. so… please take a picture and send it my way. I snip snip snipped mine as well, so we’ve both saved ourselves those 24- or 48 dollar haircuts, eh?

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