Encounters with the Rich and Famous

April 20, 2009

This week I had the privilege of  attending:

A Renee Fleming concert

A Karl Rove lecture

A Steve Carell Improv Performance


Sophistication (or lack thereof)

April 17, 2009

Recently I have been discovering what an unsophisticated person I am.

It began a while back at a concert featuring some contemporary music by the Brooklyn Rider String Quartet. They are a very skilled group, but I’ll admit I was convinced one of their pieces was simply a rendition of the screaming eels from The Princess Bride. It was dissonant, piercing, jarring and I did not quite enjoy it.

I was reassured in my aspirations to refinement when Renee Fleming came to campus. Her concert was outstanding. My favorite piece was a letter set to music from a Civil War Major to his wife, written the week before he died at the battle of Bull Run. It was very moving

But then we had a series of lectures on globalization and urbanization. The first one was so far over my head I thought I might have to stand up to understand it. Then I went to supper at an Italian restaurant with my professor, one of the guest speakers, and a few others. I had tackled Olive Garden by myself for the first time earlier in the week, so I knew I could take this on.


The menu was mostly in Italian. And the English explanations weren’t much help either. Example: Finocchio Brasato- Braised Fennel with Blood Orange Vinegar Infused Onions – $9. Oh dear. The meal went through several courses, lasting almost three hours. It was quite the experience.

To top it all off, I ended the evening at a lecture given by Karl Rove followed by an exclusive reception. Yes, exclusive! They checked my name on a list before I could go in. Again, a lot of the politics went over my head, but I got an autograph, so that’s worth something.

All of that to say, I’m a simple person. Give me my hooded sweatshirt and homemade mac & cheese over multi-syllable words and five course Italian meals any day.

Coloring Books

April 14, 2009

Since starting my college days, I have become a big fan of coloring books. It’s nice to put aside the text books and the citation formats and spend some time with crayons.

The other day, I obtained a copy of the ultimate in this genre: The Anatomy Coloring Book. I was introduced to this fascinating treasury by my sister, Katie, and afterward I remember trying to fit “phalanges” into my everyday conversations.

Anyway, I was at work, hauling a couple of boxes of donated books upstairs and the cover of the coloring book peeked out. I took my supervisor aside and said, “Hey, If the library doesn’t want this, can I have it?” She gave me a funny look and said, “Sure, just take it.” Working at the library definitely has its perks.

Can’t wait to sharpen my colored pencils and dive back into those metacarpals, sesamoid bones, and of course phalanges.


April 12, 2009

Yesterday we played Oberlin, and it was a blast. Our team was short a bunch of players for Easter Weekend, so I got bumped up to the A side’s flank, even though I had never practiced as a forward. In the second half of the game I got slammed in the head and got a concussion. It was okay though- I finished out the game and we won!

Here are a few pictures (I’m wearing # 19) :

This picture is too funny because it was my first scrum ever, and I was binding on to the WRONG person! oops... I learned fast, though

A Late Afternoon Walk

April 2, 2009

Michelle called and invited me for a walk today. We took off down the road and walked for two hours. Michelle introduced me to Granville’s tiny Sugarloaf Hill (1,053 feet).  I laughed a little, but I liked it- “a pretty little sort of wilderness.”  Then down across West Maple Street,  out on the bike path to the second bridge, and then turned back along the Newark-Granville Road walking home, squinting with the sun in our eyes.

We talked about this and that, changed directions to follow new roads to their end, stopped to watch the water flowing under the bike path bridge, and made comments about all the quirky little houses in Granville.

The air was cool, the company was good. What more could I ask for on a Wednesday afternoon?