A Little Light Reading

November 15, 2010

Over 90 books out of the library? Check.

One 20 page paper on “The Social Discourse of Female Circumcision in Kenya” in process? Check.

One 25-30 page paper (a “short one” according to my professor) on “Popular Imaginings of the Charge of the Light Brigade” also in process? Check.

Must be in research mode.







November 13, 2010

On October 28, 2009 I got a phone call from my Mom letting me know that she and my Dad had just set aside the first few hundred shillings to start saving money for her to come to my graduation. I was ecstatic to know that in 19 short months I would be able to see my Mom.

A few days later, I started the countdown to graduation: 558 days.

This morning, I opened my email to find a letter from my Dad. Thanks to the incredible generosity of a friend, he too has a plane ticket. 178 days.

We will have been apart for 22 months. But I know when that day comes and I nearly tackle them trying to get enough hugging in, it’ll be all okay again.

“I feel as though someone’s handed me the moon… and I don’t exactly know what to do with it.”

Has My Life Really Changed All That Much?

November 5, 2010

Please Compare:

Message from RVA, September 17, 2006.

Due to the increasingly aggressive nature of some of the baboons in the forest in our area, the Kenya Wildlife Service will be exterminating a limited number of baboons from the forest around RVA on Monday. We ask that all students and Kijabe residents NOT use the guard’s trail from 8:30am to 5:30pm tomorrow, Monday, September 18. In particular, the KWS will be shooting the baboons in the area from behind Simba Dorm down the trail to the Morrison’s house. You may hear some gun shots from time to time throughout the day.

Message from Denison, November 5, 2010.

At approximately 9:15 a.m., a deer crashed through a window in the parking garage elevator vestibule at the west end of Slayter and then into the dining and office areas of Slayter Hall.  The deer was mortally wounded. Dining services staff contained the deer and closed areas within immediate vicinity to protect the safety of those in the building. Campus security alerted the Granville Police Department, who arranged for the deer to be put down humanely, and for the deer meat to be provided to a local family. Slayter Snack Bar remained closed until 12:30pm, after all affected areas were cleaned and sanitized and after management was certain that any health and safety risks had been abated.