And Back

Spring Break is over and my unlimited internet access is back!

I think, though, that sometimes life is on technology overload and to go for periods of time with limited internet can be restful.

I wonder sometimes if it would be good to limit media not just periodically, but also as a lifestyle choice. I once noticed I had reached the point where I couldn’t walk across campus without my ipod in my ears. Now I try to limit my plugged-in time and doing so has made me realize how we all move in our own little worlds of phone conversations and texting and tweeting and earphones and I’m not sure we haven’t lost something in all of this.

I know I lose things sometimes because my mind doesn’t work the way it used to. I don’t get lost in books as often and I’ve gotten lazy about getting outside and enjoying a walk just for the sake of being out in green grass and blue sky. I don’t know the last time I sat with a cup of tea and talked with a friend with no concern for time. When did life become so rushed? Like one of those little lizards skittering across the surface of the water.

-49 days


One Response to And Back

  1. Grandpa Morrison says:

    So good to hear a younger person philosophizing like this. Looking forward to seeing you in May and maybe a visit over a cup of chai just you and me.

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